Monday, October 10, 2011

Real adults use real solutions.

I’m frustrated. No I don’t think frustrated is a strong enough word. Pissed off might be though.
This morning started like many others: I got up, had coffee, fed the cats, rushed around getting ready for work, and finally went outside to go to work.

Now I live across the street from an elementary school, so I try VERY hard to stay VERY far away from MY OWN HOUSE during school hours. This includes both pick-up and drop-off times. I believe it is ridiculous the way parents are with their kids. They tend to try and park in my driveway, they move my trashcans, and today of all days, they blocked my driveway. ARRRGGGGGG!!!

I walked outside opened my gate and was rewarded with a car blocking MY ENTIRE DRIVEWAY. So I did what I believe was rationale. I ran inside told my mother that I wanted to smash the car, and then we called the police. I also ran across the street to the school and asked them to page the owner of the car. I was so mad I was shaking.
The owner of the Mazda did not show up. We called the police again. They finally showed up. I had to call in late to work. She finally showed up around 9:15 saying she didn’t realize it was a driveway. How can you NOT realize it’s a driveway? There is a huge dip in my fence and includes a gate! Granted my driveway is not the prettiest around, and we are truly working on it. I just couldn’t believe it!

On top of it all, the cop who showed up, did not even tow the vehicle. He did not even want to write her a ticket until my mom said a couple of really bad things to the lady.
Real adults use real solutions to problems. She asked me if that was in her conflict book. I said maybe, or maybe I just thought it up. She said “if it’s not in my book, then would you mind if I put it in my book?” I laughed and said of course.
My question is, can I please bill her for my time that was supposed to be at work, plus medical, dental and vision and my 401k? That is the deductions that are removed from my paycheck, so I would like those back! What is your opinion?

I included pictures for your "enjoyment."
PS If you see this car, with the same license plate, I almost wish I could tell you to feel free to block her in.