Sunday, January 29, 2012

End of January

Here it is the end of January. It has been a nice and peaceful month, in all honesty. Nick and I have been staying at home or going for local hikes on our days off, just saving some money for our next trip.
I am excited, we are starting to plan for a trip to San Francisco for the Bay to Breakers run in May, that should be a blast. I am also trying to convince him to go to San Diego for a couple of days in March for his Spring Break. :-) More than anything however, I am planning a trip to Syracuse, NY. I miss it so much. I was originally trying to plan my trip while it would be nice and cool and cold, however I realized there is more to do when it is gross and hot there. :-) I really would like to go sailing with my friend Melissa, and show Nick all around Syracuse. He has never been there before, and I am trying very hard to convince him going is a good idea.
Still chugging away at school for now, working out and in general trying to remain stress free. For now it is a beautiful day outside, I think I will go sit in the sun and give Benny some of my undivided attention.

Friday, January 13, 2012

NYE-Las Vegas Style

I went to Las Vegas for the very first time. Liked it cause I with the bf, but do not care for the gambling. Broke even only at the Excabiler. Loved the tigers at MGM Grand. Loved the pansy ceiling at the Bellagio. And here is some eye candy. Yeah what can I say, Nick loves to kiss me. Tee hee hee :-)