Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Job frustration

I had a phone interview for a position almost 2 weeks ago. It went fairly well. I am not sure what to say about the interview in all honesty. I haven't had a job interview where nepotism took over and automatically got me the job in about 5 years. It was awkward and we shared a laugh over the project still using Microsoft Word 2003, he asked me to go into detail of my last position and what exactly I did. I went to work, I scanned photos, I added metadata, I sometimes did research on the photo, I prepared the photos for archival storage. That is essentially what my job was. It was nice but secluded. No one ever talked to me. I was told that the interviewer had 3 more interviews he wanted to do and received 2 more applicate that morning that he wanted to review but for sure I would hear something by Friday of the following week. GRRR
My issue has been the interview process. I was supposed to find out whether or not I got the job last week. The interviewer said for sure they would tell me by last week. The recruiter said that if I didn't hear anything by Thursday at noon to assume I did not get the job. Well I finally emailed him on Friday and he was told they would make a decision on who to hire either Friday at 5 or hire someone for sure on Monday. Low and behold, they still haven't hired anyone. I just got the email from them stating they are still holding out for more resumes!!!!!! I am extremely frustrated! I just need to know if I am uprooting my life and moving or not. I feel like I am in limbo.
As my friend Ashley says, Limbo sucks! No matter what kind of limbo, it sucks.