Thursday, February 26, 2009

So Sick...

I am so sick! I feel like crap. Sinus migraine's suck. I have had one since Wednesday afternoon. Yuck! I finally went hiking to a new place that I was so excited about. I think it was from all the squinting I was doing because it was so bright, but now I am in agony.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Blogging. You know I really fought doing this whole blogging thing for a VERY long time. But now I am loving it. What I am not loving is a grade I recently received from a teacher on an assignment. I triple checked the assignment and she said that next time to watch out for spelling errors. I think I am going to have to email her on that one.
Best friends are some of the best things in life. Just when you think no one is ever going to like you if you are exactly who you are they tell you that they love you. Tis a nice feeling. Thank you! You know who you are. You keep me sane in my daily life. I <3 you!
Working. Tomorrow I plan on sending out yet another round of cover letters I spent Friday writing. I tend to write the cover letters and sit on them for a couple of days and then go back and redo them if necessary.
So there is that. I really wish I had something more to say....................
I like two guys...One is smart, funny, cute, nice, caring, adorable, and in general a good guy. And there is the guy that I should not like. That one, I really need to get over. And will.
Life is at a crossroads. And I really want to put on here everything that is really going through my head, but wont. I am trying to remain anonymous on here. Doubt it will fully work. Ok I guess I really should be sleeping....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Not used to this yet

I am not really used to blogging this much, but this I just have to get out in the open. I am working as part of a group for my online class and I have to say What was he thinking? I am in grad school. At least the last time I checked I was. He is in grad school. This is a GRADUATE level class. He has in his works cited Wikipedia. That is open source. What the hell??? I understand there is a lot of interesting stuff on there, but seriously? Are you f*cking kidding me? I refuse to put that onto a works cited page. I am in GRADUATE school for cripes sake. Ok I think I am done ranting.
BTW, earlier, the rats...I wasn't kidding. I am still shuddering about it!


I write this while at work at Simmons. It seems the warmth of the building has made the rats that have a home over my desk frisky. They are running all over the library. Makes me very uncomfortable. I HATE rats. Go play above the other classrooms, or better yet in another building...EEEEEWWW!!!
That is all.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just when you think life....

So just when I thought life couldn't get any worse I was proven wrong last night. My car had trouble starting after getting gas on Sunday, and then also on Monday when roommate number 1 and I were leaving the grocery store, it was also acting up. However yesterday it died. Literally.
I was at a relatively busy intersection coming home from getting food at a fast food restaurant, I know its horrible! And it sputtered and died. GGRRR. Then I have paid for AAA for a year, including towing for 100 miles, although only one tow. I have had the service for a month, maybe and still haven't recieved my AAA card. So yesterday they are asking me for my number and of course I cant give it to them, because they haven't sent it to me yet! GGGRRR!!!!!!!!!
So they tell me they will put it in as an emergency, 45 minutes later the guy FINALLY shows up! I have it towed to Hyundai dealership across town because the one next to me I really don't like. They have been nicer so far. It will cost me around $700 for the stuff they need to fix. Timing belt, starter something or other and they really want to do the 60,000 mile checkup. That last one is going to cost $300. So because I don't have a grand lying around somewhere, and who really does in this day and age, I am skipping the checkup for now. I will get that one done next month I guess.
Was trying to give the mommy person money every month for the damn car. Told her today I can't give her anymore money. Like for a really long time. That and had to call my credit card company and beg for a better limit so I can pay for this. I have the cash, but I really didnt feel like liquidating my assets all at once.
Oh and the bright side to all of this? My alarm system is being taken away. Nevermind that the dealership I bought my car from installed it, because it did not come with the car its an after-market system and therefore killed my starter. GGGRRR. Oh and even better news? Yes I am being sarcastic in case you didn't notice! Last October I was offered the chance to get an extended warranty on the car for about a grand. It would have covered until 100,000. Everything that is being fixed on my car would have been covered. Stupid me! Now I have to pay for all this. That and the towing. I always had unlimited towing with warranty. Now I have used my one and only towing for the year right after I bought the membership. Gotta love life!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009


I am turning into a republican/conservative piece of crap in my old age. Let's try not to do that shall we?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Am I a reasonably intelligent person? Good question.

So I would love to say that yes, I am a relatively, reasonably intelligent person. However the mistakes that I have been making lately do not suggest this.
Mistake number one. Making a video on facebook that was supposed to be sent to a few people and wound up all over facebook. *Rolls eyes* I thought I knew how to do that apparently not. However I did manage to make another video message and I am pretty sure I got this one right.
Mistake number two. I was working really hard on this project, stressing about this stupid group project. Trying to get it done. Feeling incredibly guilty that my part was not in at the time that I said I would get it in on time. And then I looked at the submission time today when I am freaking out about the conclusion of this assignment. Can you guess? Its not due for another week!!! The benefit is now I can focus on a meeting that I have later this week, I'm sure, with a librarian at the school library. And this huge part of my homework assignment on Thursday that I actually technically started a month in advance. I know can you believe that?
Miss procrastination actually started homework way in advance. Oh well this one I had to. I thought it was simple questions 1-5. HA HAHA yeah right. Its writing a 3 page paper for each question. Gah! That is one thing I am not going to miss after I am done with both of my grad programs, all the freaking writing. People keep telling me that I am going to want to write some kind of book, preferably reference. However I totally read another librarian's blog who is writing a reference book, LOL I would never go through that.
I used to actually fancy myself something of a writer. Not much for actual storytelling, but bodice ripping scenes I am quite good at. Call it my addiction to Merlin's Legacy books in high school. My best friend and I were going to write a book like that. Funny, she was supposed to write the actual dialog and me to write those scences. Funny how life didn't turn out like that. Probably because I had the great and wonderful idea to go off to grad school to learn about being a librarian.
Not that I am complaining. I really like it. I am slowly but surely realizing that this is quite possibly the best career for me. I really wanted to be a social worker, then changed to teacher, now I really want to be a librarian. As per a discussion held at the ice rink today, as a librarian I get to do all that. Yippee!
I think that is all I have to say today. And I felt really bad for not posting for so long, especially since one of the people whos blog I subscribe to posts almost every day. Go you!
Oh I guess I should post something about Valentines Day. I said a lot about what I wanted to do to my closest friends. Too much vodka, not enough water equals a not fun day for me. Bleh. The idea of eating food was gross to me, but I still did, because that is what an adult does.
Actually speaking of being an adult. Does anyone wish they could go back into the time where things magically happened? I am talking to all those that are living with roommates or on thier own. Back maybe to junior high and high school where food magically appeared in the cupboard, refriderator and possibly even dinner was made when you got home? Ah the good old days.
I miss them sometimes. The days before paying bills, filing your taxes, grocery shopping, making food. I would put laundry on that list, but lets be real. My mom hasnt done my laundry since I was like 13. For my own good. I mean when I lived with her, she would sometimes throw my stuff from washer to dryer, but hasnt folded my laundry in years. But its all good. Gave me a better sense of responsibility. Ok this post has to be so freaking long so I am going to sign off, do some serious homework and maybe go to be at like 10pm. Night all!
On a side note, I am having serious trouble figuring out if this guy likes me. He asked me if I thought his bed was comfortable. I was sitting on it. He was giving me computer stuff. *Shakes head* it would be less complicated if he didnt. But not so bad if he did. So confused. Guys are confusing, reference isnt. Off to that!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Guess what? Yup, still procrastinating.

People often ask what I am going to do with my life? Big surprise, I have no idea. Here is what I do know, at least about myself at the nice age of 25
1. I HATE asparagus, olives, mushrooms.
2. I have two scars, one above my left eye in my eyebrow from my mom trying to give me a haircut at 3(?), and one on my left knee from flying head over handlebars the day before 8th grade started.
3. I want to be a librarian. No discrimination as to what kind anymore. I would love to be a public library librarian, but I am not sure if that is going to happen.
4. My hair used to be stick straight, and still to this day wont hold a curl, but if I don't blow dry it it gets wavy. I really do not understand that one.
5. I am ready for the next step in my life. Wherever and whenever that may or might be.
6. I think sometimes I have done nothing with my life, especially when I am filling out job applications that ask me what publications or presentations I have made and it is nothing. :(
I really should do that homework assignment.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I like procrastination

I like procrastination. I am pretty good at it. For instance right now I really should be working on a project that is due on Thursday or working on a resume and cover letter for a job that I really want. Or I could be searching various databases for information on alchol abuse for a class, or searching youtube on my topic for Tuesday. Or I could be writing my analysis of options that is also due Thursday. See I have all this work I really SHOULD be doing, but alas just cant seem to get it done. I have managed to turn in all of my work this semester early. Mad props to me. I guess. I was supposed to go hiking today. That did not happen. A little sad about it. However roomy wanted to watch a movie tonight so we did. Bridget Jones Diary, did anyone else out there know it was based on Pride and Predjudice? I didnt know that. There is a great line in the movie, "I like you just the way you are." Man I love that. Which brings me to what happened yesterday.
So I like this guy. I took him home yesterday as he is currently out of a car. We are sitting there talking and I told him that my life was not supposed to turn out like this. I wasn't supposed to come to NY alone, not that I am complaining anymore, I am much different, better person. However I was telling him what kind of person I was when I was that guy. And he says to me, I like who you are, just the way you are. I like knowing this girl. He likes me just the way I am. I really didn't register the compliment until today. :)He likes me just the way I am. Confident, smart, funny, sexy as hell, personable. My heart just starting fluttering today. I havent been so happy from a compliment in so long!
On other news, last night I went to an inter-grad department ice skating function. I havent been ice skating in I am not even sure how long. However I did manage to turn around in a circle and never once fall!!! It did amaze me how much of a mom mode I go into however when people around me need help. A lot of people from the iSchool went. Well a lot of South Asian men. I regonized a lot of them and was telling them how they needed to tye their skates so they could skate a little better.
It was funny. I have never actually seen my good friend Wasim as a teacher. He told me a while back his plans to become a teacher later on in life. Well he went into full teacher mode showing people how to skate. It was so cute. He did chase after me and was pushing me into walls. He said I liked it. I kinda did, but at the same time it really hurt. What a meanie. No actually he is a really great guy. The ice skating was a hit. A friend of mine who kept falling down last night now wants to go back at least every other week to the rink to get better at skating. I really dont mind. I never realized, until about 2 weeks ago, that SU even had an ice rink on campus. It is pretty cool. It is free to get in and only a couple of bucks to get skates. I will have to go back and skate more. It is a great workout and definetely used muscles that I forgot existed. So that is a positive!!! Ok I guess I better do some form of homework now. Night!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More of the job

Hello all.
So I know I ranted about the job at Simmons, but I have to tell you its not really that bad. While it does drive me a little nutty sometimes and I really never thought I would want to be an academic librarian, it turns out it doesn't matter. As long as I get to work in a library, and help people apparently I do not care what kind of librarian I am. Now this is not to say I want to do this for the rest of my life, I am not going to lie I would love to flit and float around to the different areas of the field.
Starting tomorrow I am working at the Pyramid Companies here in Syracuse. Although if you ask some of my Syracusan friends, they will tell you they are an evil corporation. I don't think they are evil. Building a huge mall in the middle of CNY is not always the best idea, however it is supposed to be a green mall. Most of the things about the mall do seem to be energy efficient.
I was never offered the position at the public library. I guess they needed someone more than 10 hours a week. Honestly I do not blame them. I was not the most worthy candidate for working for them and honestly driving out to that part of town 1-5 days a week was not something I was looking forward too. However I was looking forward to working with some of my fellow classmates from the iSchool.
I am actually sitting in a different part of Orange University writing this blog because my class got out about an hour early. Sometimes I like my class getting out early. Today is not one of those days. I really do like talking about internet security and anonymity of the internet. However I have a very hard time actually sitting through an entire three hour class. I need a break somewhere in there. It also doesn't help with having no coffee flowing through my bloodstream. This I blame on the fact I can no longer sleep properly. And while I have been eating right and exercising more it is still not working.
Maybe I should cut down on the coffee again. I am only drinking like three cups in the morning. That is not that much right? I hope all of you can hear the sarcasm in this post.
On another note, I somehow managed to put an embarrassing yesterday. I made a facebook video to about four of my closest friends. This is so i could show off my cut new haircut. I am talking completely like a valley girl and a total ditz in general. However instead of sending it just as a message, it put it on all of facebook...Totally embarrassing. Took it off as soon as I could which meant it was on facebook for about three hours. GRRR. Gotta love that a close friend of mine told me it was on there. He has known me for about six months and saw a whole new side of me. Thankfully he still wants to be friends with me. I think this is all for now. I just needed to rant.
Oh on one plus side, I went and filled for transcripts from Orange University today and not only will they go out tomorrow, they will go out for FREEE! Gotta love that. 25 bucks from Christian College.